Bob Batchelor

Bob Batchelor is James Pedas Professor of Communication and Executive Director of the James Pedas Communication Center at Thiel College.

"John Updike had a brilliantly sustained career as the most honored American writer of his generation. We have long needed a comprehensive discussion of Updike’s accomplishment that situates it in the changing cultural contexts of his time. Bob Batchelor shrewdly contextualizes Updike with a wide-ranging, keen understanding of both Updike’s complex canon and his skill at balancing art and celebrity."

-- Donald J. Greiner, Carolina Distinguished Professor of English, Vice Provost, and Dean Emeritus, University of South Carolina

Gatsby: The Cultural History of the Great American Novel (November 2013)

"Few are bold enough to use the term 'great American novel' anymore. Fewer still are those who can make a compelling case for its application…Batchelor claims this status for The Great Gatsby, and his arguments are captivating, readable, and convincing. His embrace of didactic purpose for literature is daring, considering the disdain many critics hold for this notion…Batchelor asserts early on that Fitzgerald's 'inherent ambiguity enables readers to use the novel as a barometer for measuring their own lives and the culture they inhabit.' He demonstrates how Gatsby accomplishes this feat by carrying enough intellectual freight to defy categorization and to remain relevant to American society."

-- CHOICE, June 2014

"Poignant, penetrating, and persuasive! Gatsby is an exemplary literary/cultural study and must reading for anyone interested in literature during America’s richest literary period."

--Phillip Sipiora, editor of The Mailer Review

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